Spotlight on DJ Dev Bhandari

Coming off his tours around Manhattan and up and down the East Coast, we had a chance to sit down and speak with rising DJ Dev Bhandari. More »

Karma Mantra: Noir Collection

The Noir Collection: Karma Mantra\\\'s premium drop coming Fall 2013. Available on the online flagship store & select retailers. More »

Buddha Says...

“All conditioned things are impermanent, when one sees this wisdom, one turns away from suffering.” – Buddha More »


Meditate For a Better Life

The act of meditation is more than just about relaxing your body – proper meditation has been proven to improve a number of facets in one’s life. The peace of mind and clarity of thought that is required for meditation actually carries over into day-to-day activities and can play a significant role in how you interact with the world. Here are five ways that even a casual regiment of weekly meditation can benefit more than just your physical health.

Actively Create Your Own Life

Deepak Creating Yourself

M.I.A. Back in Action

After the controversy surrounding the 2012 NFL Superbowl performance, rapper M.I.A. went a little…well, MIA for lack of a better phrase. Having dealt with the lawsuit filed against her for flipping the bird during the halftime show, M.I.A. left the public’s scrutinizing eyes and threw herself into writing and recording her recently released album Matangi. Now M.I.A. is bringing a rave to a computer or mobile screen near you with the release of her newest music video for her single “Y.A.L.A.” The song is heavily influenced by the EDM movement – specifically with the hard, jumpy bass in the background while M.I.A. delivers her lyrics accompanied by a spectacular glow-in-the-dark neon light show all throughout the video. Check out M.I.A.’s newest video below straight from her Matangi album.


All This With Just Colored Pencils…

The world of art has been undergoing a period of technological upheaval with programs like Photoshop and other drawing and design software becoming an artist’s go-to for new projects. In fact, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an artist or graphic designer today that doesn’t rely on computers in one way or another during their creative process. That’s why these designs from artist Karla Mialynne are so stunning to look at – each piece she creates is drawn and colored with nothing but the use of standard colored pencils. The breathtakingly realistic detail and coloration just goes to show that when it comes to capturing the beauty of life through art, sometimes the old ways are the best ways. Take a look at some of Karla Mialynne’s artwork below and visit her Instagram page for more of her designs.


Midas Hamsa: Now on Sale!

The Hamsa hand is considered a universal symbol of inner strength and protection. Predating most of the religions practiced today, the imagery is that of a hand stylized into a blossoming lily flower. Traditionally, it is believed to ward off negative influences from one’s life and keep away the “evil eye.” The Hamsa blocks those who would do you harm from your path, while the eye opens to all that can improve your life. The elegant design is displayed in gold print and stands out against the black base of the V-neck. The Midas Hamsa v-neck is now on sale here at the Karma Mantra shop.


Gemstone of the Week: Garnet

Garnet is a highly coveted gemstone renowned for its intense metaphysical properties. While garnet comes from a family of gemstones that contain a rainbow of colors, garnet is traditionally known in its distinct opaque reddish appearance. The intensity of the stone comes from its multifaceted cuts that twist and bend light through its center, where the scarlet coloration is most clear – looking at a garnet gemstone is like looking into the heart of a star. The vibrational energies of garnet are effective in purifying negative energies and emotions in your life, as well as imbuing you with a newfound energy to go after your ambitions. Garnet is likened to a natural forest fire, swallowing up everything in its path only to make way for a greener, more beautiful landscape. It is also a powerful gemstone used in New Age healing practices and is associated with cleansing the circulatory system, skeletal system, and eliminating toxic contaminants from the body. This also carries over into the realm of mental health – garnet is a very powerful gemstone used to relieve emotional blockage. Red garnet channels the instinctual drive for survival and prevents fear from getting the better of you. It is also believed that if you are plagued with nightmares, a piece of garnet under your pillow will engulf the nightmare and extinguish it before it ever has a chance to infect your mind.


Blasterjaxx Slithers Like a Snake

Sweeping through the world of EDM, Blasterjaxx has been tearing up the charts with their hot singles and original remixes fans keep coming back for more and more. Their newest single “Snake” is no exception to that. The song is heavily influenced by house bass and a melody that writhes and slithers through like the animal its named for. Take a listen to Blasterjaxx’s “Snake” below and let us know what you think.

Overcoming Pain

Overcoming Pain


Coming Full CYRCLE

Street-art group CYRCLE recently took a trip from their native soil of Los Angeles, California to visit Hong Kong for their gigantic exhibition. Choosing the Sai Wan Ho Youth Outreach center in the heart of Hong Kong, the group’s piece has been aptly named “Rise Above.” The exhibit displays a man scaling a mountain, reaching higher and higher, not letting anything stand in his way on his journey to the top. The group CYRCLE chose the Youth Center as the perfect location to unveil their artwork that represents the struggle everyone must endure in order for them to achieve what they want. Check out some of what they had to go through to put up the “Rise Above” exhibit during their own climb up Sai Wan Ho Youth Outreach Center.


Digital Turned Visual

As technology continues to progress at lightning speeds, there is more and more outdated computer hardware and software that no longer has any use to us. Rather than piling up all her old hardware and throwing it away like most of us do, artist Andrea Boriani has taken old pieces of computer hardware and created beautiful pieces of artwork with them. Using pieces such as floppy disks, old hard drives, and other tech we haven’t seen in years, Boriani creates stunning portraits with an unconventional medium. The artwork speaks to the notion that just because something is old and outdated, that does not mean it can’t be used in a new way. Take a look at some of Andrea Boriani’s hardware-inspired artwork below.